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About Leadiant Biosciences

We’re rare. Leadiant Biosciences is a research-based pharmaceutical company that dedicates considerable scientific and financial resources to the research, development, and distribution of novel and effective therapies for patients affected by rare disease. At Leadiant Biosciences, our legacy of serving patients is as strong as the future we envision.

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Latest News

Leadiant Biosciences is Conducting the Registry Study of Revcovi® Treatment in Patients with ADA-SCID

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Leadiant Biosciences, Inc. announced it is conducting the Registry Study of Revcovi® (elapegademase-lvlr) injection 1.6 mg/ml Treatment in Patients with Adenosine Deaminase Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (ADA-SCID).

Patient Stories

We are passionate about putting the patient first and ensuring their voice, experience and insights are represented in everything we do. Hear from our patients about their journeys living with a rare disease.

Drug Development Process

Discovering and developing a new drug is an expensive and challenging process that can take between 10 and 15 years from discovery to commercialization.

Patients & Caregivers

At Leadiant Biosciences, we understand that people living with rare diseases have needs that extend far beyond medicine, which is why we provide resources and educational materials to support patients and their families throughout their journeys.

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Research and Development

We are driven to provide excellence and innovation because we understand in many cases, patients have no other treatment options.

Our innovative research programs and development of novel product candidates are led by scientists in partnership with a wide range of physicians, researchers, and leading academic biotechnology organizations around the world.

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Role of Patients in Research and Drug Development

Patients and caregivers play an increasingly important role in researching and developing new therapies for rare and ultra-rare diseases. We are passionate about putting the patient first and ensuring their voice, experience and insights are heard. This can include funding research through donations, participating in a clinical trial, contributing to a patient registry, working with regulatory decision makers, and sharing experiences to help companies and researchers better understand a disease.

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Culture and Career

Leadiant Biosciences is a research-based pharmaceutical company unlike any other. We are united by rare dedication and a unique culture where every employee contributes, and every patient matters.

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